The neighbours

Lisa, Jay, Barney & Ruby live next door and are keen to help you make the most of your stay


Lisa and Jay moved to Harrowbarrow back in 2015 after falling in love with the former Wesleyan Chapel and Sunday School. To say it was their biggest project to date would be somewhat of an understatement, both buildings were in need of a major structural and internal renovation. Once planning permission had been granted Lisa and Jay's team set about hacking off the failing pink render which encased the entire building. It took several months of bloody knuckles and sore thumbs before the stonework was complete and the building was ready for new roofs, fascia and guttering. The renovation is a long story but after much physical and mental toil, The Old Sunday School was finally habitable in December 2018 where Lisa, Jay and their family spent Christmas. Some warmth and comfort were needed after years of no heating was needed so Jay and Lisa spent the next happy eighteen months in The Old Sunday School before moving back to the (yet to be internally renovated) former chapel and handing over to their first guests in July 2020. Lisa and Jay love the Rame Peninsular and Whitsand Bay where they rebuilt and let a holiday chalet called Penquite. Much of their holiday letting experience, ideas and inspiration come from the fun, challenging and rewarding days of letting Penquite Chalet. Lisa comes from a background in retail management and runs her own beauty salons in Saltash whilst Jay manages residential property and other work includes improving websites and digital marketing. In their leisure time Lisa can be found in the field looking after their ponies, pigs, goats, chickens and ducks whilst Jay will be riding his bike, paddleboarding or surfing.

Teaming up

Lisa's and Jay's interests overlap but they also enjoy different aspects of running The Old Sunday School. Jay enjoys running the bookings, website, social and admin whereas Lisa enjoys working on the interiors and the preparation of the property.


Lisa's dream is to continue to build her collection of rescued animals.


Jay's dream is to travel afar and explore new lands in their 1992 Hymer motorhome.

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The canine perspective

Meg and Maisie stayed at The Old Sunday School in October 2020. Read about their stay by clicking the doggy icon below.

Dog friendly destinations

We're featured around the web but Dog Friendly Destinations is one of our fave companies to work with.


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